Maybe if Utilities Had Cooler Branding We Would Be More Inclined to Shop for Better Rates

I was joking with my wife earlier today on how I just saved a bunch of money by switching our electricity supplier. I was saying it in an Australian accent to sound like a certain gecko that is wildly popular on TV. The energy market no longer has any cool cartoon characters for marketing savings on electricity like the car insurance provider does. However, the savings are still real and available to Texas residents. We use the CPL energy provider for our electricity getting a nice low per kilowatt hour rate.

Maybe a few folks will remember Reddy Kilowatt. He was the cartoon character that was used to represent electric companies starting back in 1926.… Read More

Travel Like the Rich and the Famous (on a Budget)

Getting you and the family across the globe while on a budget might seem like you are going to be condemned to a rickety old caravan from the ‘70s, but in reality, you can actually travel just like the rich and the famous while still on a budget. If you really want to get out there and make the most of life, you simply need to start getting smart about where you do your shopping. Instead of only experiencing life at seedy budget motels, let your family enjoy the very best by just searching for the very best deals you can find on the Internet.

If you call up a hotel and try to make a reservation, you might find yourself deeply disappointed by the room rate quoted to you. Not only are room rates highly negotiable, however, but you can also start off the conversation on the right foot and at a much lower price by not contacting the hotel directly. Because most hotels have a bunch of rooms vacant at all times, it is in their best interest to partner with other organizations who can help them move excess “inventory.”

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Need some advice on car’s maintenance?

Maintenance of a car is not as easy as it seems, it does not require only oil change after driving a car for a particular number of kilometers. It is important to maintain your car effectively so that you do not have to face any kind of inconvenience on road where you would not find any help.

Knowing your car is importanat

It is highly important to establish a routine for your car check up and you need to take out time at least a day in a week when you can thoroughly check your car for any issues that remained hidden. You may also read the Car’s manual to get familiar of the features and system of your car.

Weekly Checkup

It is vital to carefully check the engine oil level, transmission oil level, wind screen washer tank and cooling system reservoir and make sure that all have the required level of fluids by adding more if needed. Such a weekly check up will not take more than five minutes but it will certainly prevent you from facing a major breakdown. You may drive your car on a quiet road and see if there is any part that, you think, is making some strange sound, that is the moment you would have to go to a mechanic and replace the faulty part with an original spare part that can be found at

Also, check your vehicle tyres for the standard air pressure and if the air is less then get the tyres filled with some air, you may find the standard tyre inflation pressures in the Owner’s manual or simply Google it. Don’t forget to inspect the tyres for any damage and bruises because if unchecked may result in a blow-out.

Familiarize yourself with the warning lights in your car and they should all light up when you switch on your engine and this is way to see if all the lights work or not. If any light doe not turn on then do get it checked because if you are on a long drive and you are not warned of the fault in the car then it may result is a loss of thousand dollars.

Monthly Checks

Each month do check all the vehicle’s lights that include headlights, brake lights, high and low beam, reverse gear light and side turn signal lights. If you find any that is not working then just replace it or get it repaired because at night these lights help you to avoid any accident.

Frequent Servicing

Do read your car manual to find out the time when your car should be serviced and checked for any defects. Get your car serviced regularly or as instructed in the user manual of your ride because this is the only way to avoid major breakdowns on road.

It is important to wisely choose the service outlet from where you would get your car serviced, make sure that the outlet is an authorized one or have the expertise to service your car. You may learn some basic steps to service your own car through online workshops but it is advisable that only professionals should do the task so that your car runs smoothly and reliably.


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