How to find a good van to be a Street Food Van vendor

General Article

Today, you would witness a significant number of youngsters standing on roads to grab something to rat from the food vans in the streets. The food van trend has grown substantially in the last few years and there is a notable increase in the search term by more than 80 percent between 2014 and 2016. Different surveys are conducted and one by United Nations showed something jaw dropping is that now around 2.5 billion eat food from the street food vans.

The street food industry is growing at a higher pace as compared to the slow growing economy and the major factor behind this is time. People who work at offices do not have enough time to prepare their lunch at home and then reach office in time. The employees are quite caught by work and they have less time to sit and eat properly so they just go out to a nearby food van and grab anything they like to eat.

The food van that you need to be a successful street food van vendor must have all the basic features to let you operate smoothly. If you go out to see different food trucks, do not forget to check out Ford Vans, as they are quite reliable vehicles. To help entrepreneurs overcome any confusion regarding the food business, used commercial vehicle specialists, van monster created an info graphic that has everything to help you to start your own food van business.

Check out the graphic below to take your first step: