Maybe if Utilities Had Cooler Branding We Would Be More Inclined to Shop for Better Rates

General Article

I was joking with my wife earlier today on how I just saved a bunch of money by switching our electricity supplier. I was saying it in an Australian accent to sound like a certain gecko that is wildly popular on TV. The energy market no longer has any cool cartoon characters for marketing savings on electricity like the car insurance provider does. However, the savings are still real and available to Texas residents. We use the CPL energy provider for our electricity getting a nice low per kilowatt hour rate.

Maybe a few folks will remember Reddy Kilowatt. He was the cartoon character that was used to represent electric companies starting back in 1926. The character was used for around 70 years. Now there are a lot more companies involved in selling electricity, but there are no good mascots or cool branding like we have with everything else. If there was, maybe people would be more mindful about shopping around for a better rate on their monthly electric bill rather than just settling for the provider they have had for years.

Some people keep the same electricity provider for life. I was wondering why they do it. There is no benefit to being loyal to a provider that is not offering incentives to keep you as a customer. Some companies even let you have free electricity during off-peak times. The technology to track and report usage now is far ahead of what it used to be. You can save by finding a company that suits what you want to pay. You can even choose based on your ethics of only using green electricity producers. There has never been more freedom in shopping for the electricity you use at your home or business. We are saving a good amount every month compared to what we used to pay.