Reasons to choose aluminium? Here are three of the best

Did you know that aluminium is the earth’s most abundant metal? If you answered yes, you may already know how vital aluminium is to a range of industries from aerospace to healthcare.

Whether in extruded form or fabricated sheets, there’s more to aluminium than its versatility, important though that is. Here are three lesser known aspects of the aluminium fabrication process:

  • Aluminium products are some of the most environmentally sustainable items in existence. There is no limit to the number of times that aluminium can be recycled. What’s more, the cost of recycling aluminium is only 5 per cent of the original smelting cost. It’s non-toxic to handle and creates no pollutants that are harmful to ground water. That’s not all – the electricity that is used to extract the aluminium from its main source, bauxite, is produced by non-polluting, renewable hydro-electric power. There’s a further environmental benefit to using aluminium in constructing cars, planes and boats, because its light weight means reduced fuel consumption. here.
  • ¬†Aluminium doesn’t rust – it oxidises. The benefit of this is that this type of corrosive layer actually protects the underlying metal. Anodising the aluminium by passing an electric current through it before immersing the item in an acid bath means that this process can be induced and controlled. In this way optimum oxide layers can be produced on the metal according to the application requirements. More details of this process can be found on the Edmo Ltd web site here.
  • Aluminium is light and easily transported, but it’s no lightweight when it comes to low temperatures. This metal loves a cold climate – the colder it gets, the more strength aluminium has. Since it can be extruded to produce various cross-sections, including the easily recognisable T-slot that has many varied applications, aluminium is frequently the metal of choice for the frames of load-bearing structures that have to stand up to the cold. That’s why you’ll find aluminium applications in places such as docks, used as gangways for instance, and in planes and boats. Anywhere in fact, that will benefit from its light weight, strength and cold-enduring capabilities. These are also the qualities that make aluminium now one of the most popular choices for outdoor furniture. Whatever the intended use, whether interior or exterior, aluminium is guaranteed to provide a durable item that requires virtually no maintenance.